The Entire Clinton Family Could Be Making History

The Entire Clinton Family Could Be Making History

Photo Credits: Getty Images / Spencer Platt 

This presidential election it is no secret that Secretary of State and democratic presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton has had the past in the white house.​

For those of us who are not well versed in presidential history, during the 1991 to 2003 presidential term Bill Clinton was the leader of the free nation.​

If he goes back to the White House he will be the first former president to return to the white house as well as the first man to be the first gentleman of the united states. That’s a hand full to say!​

During this presidential election, Secretary Clinton has broken many barriers during her run to the oval office.  ​

To start her history making journey, Clinton was the first woman to accept the democratic presidential nomination. If she wins, she could be the first woman to ever win the presidential election.​

But that’s not where the history making in this family will end. Chelsea Clinton was just 12 years old when she first stepped foot into her new life at the white house. Now at 36 years old she could possibly find herself living back in the White House.​

That would make her the first presidential kid to return to the White House under the presidency of the other parent.​

So it’s safe to say that this family is bound and willing to make history when it comes to the political world. We will keep following this story until the new presidential candidate is sworn into office. 

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