Kodak Black Encourages People To Vote From Behind Bars

Kodak Black Encourages People To Vote From Behind Bars

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America is dealing with one of the most heated presidential races in the history of the United States. Every citizen’s vote is important and this is why many of the biggest names in the hip hop industry encourage people to vote and have shown support for the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Kodak Black is one of the rappers who decided to speak up, although he was sentenced for 120 days after pleading no contest to drug charges in September. Even behind bars, Kodak takes advantage of his options to keep in contact with his fans and with the world. Recently, he has dropped a freestyle called “Jailhouse Blues” through a phone call and now, he used the same method to send his message about the election. His producer, Dubba AA, posted a tweet with the recorded message, where the 19-year-old artist is encouraging people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“Hello, my fellow Americans,” he starts off. “Make sure you go out there and vote ’cause every vote counts. Voting is a privilege. If I was able to vote, I’d vote for Hillary. I believe she’ll do a great job with our country. I’m Kodak Black and I approved this message.”

You can listen to Kodak Black’s message here:

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