WATCH Yesi Ortiz Interview Tracy Perez From FX’s Show ‘The Strain’

WATCH Yesi Ortiz Interview Tracy Perez From FX’s Show ‘The Strain’

Power 106’s very own, Yesi Ortiz, had a chance to sit down with Tracy Perez, an actress best known for her roles on ‘East Los High‘ and FX’s show ‘The Strain: Under Siege.’ In this exclusive interview, they discussed Tracy’s show ‘The Strain: Under Siege,’ the importance of portaying Latinos correctly, and the election. 

After watching the show herself, Yesi asked Tracy if she ever had nightmares from the show,”It kind of sits with you a little bit,” Tracy said. The actress also talked about binge watching ‘The Strain‘ and reading all of the graphic novels before working on the show. 

Tracy also discusses her difficulty with getting roles in New York vs. Los Angeles. But she emphazised her love for her new and current role,”It’s about the story and it’s about the character.” The actress also tells Yesi about the final season and her character without giving away too much. Don’t worry there aren’t any spoilers here!

Yesi and Tracy also discussed Latinos in the industry, and the importance of portraying Latinos correctly. Tracy talked about her experience, “I didn’t go to certain auditions because they were so specifically the ‘hot latina.’ I felt very strange portraying that,” Tracy said.

Yesi and Tracy also dive into the topic of the election and voting, and Tracy’s thoughts on it.”It unearths this really dark side of our country. I like the dark side because how else are we going to talk about it.” Tracy continues,”If we only see this one thing then we think that this one voice is going to be heard.” “It’s actually our job to participate,” Tracy said. The actress also said it is important to, “…influence others so they can feel empowered.

Yesi also emphasized that it is important to “Stay woke and pay attention to what’s happening.” You can watch the full version of the interview below! 

WATCH The Full Version of Yesi Ortiz Interviewing Tracy Perez HERE:

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Photo by Ralph Gonzales | Power 106 Digital

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