Lil Wayne Tried to Stop Nightline Interview from Airing

Lil Wayne Tried to Stop Nightline Interview from Airing

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Kevin Winter 

Lil Wayne’s interview with ABC News’ Nightline made a big uproar after it aired on television.  After he was done with the interview, Wayne’s management tried to stop the it from airing.

Wayne wasn’t happy with the end result of the interview which urged his team to send multiple emails to ABC News asking not to air the interview.  ABC News never responded to those emails.  The interview aired and his comment about the Black Lives Matter movement shocked a lot of people.

An apology was made by Tunechi since the interview aired and offered an explanation for his reaction to the question.  He explained, “the reporter began asking me questions about my daughter being labeled a b*tch and a hoe, I got agitated.”  Reportedly, Wayne felt there was a line that was crossed during the interview when he got asked questions that weren’t approved.

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