New Emoji Updates Coming Soon!

New Emoji Updates Coming Soon!

Photo credit: Getty Images/ Norm Hall

Emojis are everywhere!  When their are no words to describe a certain situation emojis always come through for us and help us to emphasize exactly what we want to say in our text messages and social media posts.  Now our favorite emojis just got even better!

The upcoming update, iOS 10.2, is bringing all of the emojis that we love to life even more as well as giving us some new much needed additions to the crew.  All of the current emojis are getting a brand new look with this update.  Emojis like the dancing woman now have more life-like features with this new update.

Along with the revamped signature emojis, they have also added the shrug, face palm, new sick emoji, and more into the collection.  The only complaint that people have had about this new update so far is that the updated peach emoji actually looks like a peach now.

Check out some pictures of these new updates below.

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