Match with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on Tinder!

Match with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on Tinder!

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It’s cuffing and election season.

The country is exactly one week away from an incredibly monumental election. With both the republican and democratic presidential nominees turning up the heat in the eleventh hour, Tinder wants to know who you might turn up the heat with, and be matched with, on the dating app.

This wouldn’t be the first time around that Tinder put presidential hopefuls in the dating service app realm. Earlier this year, prelim elections had politcal party nominees on the app and Tinder users could find their best matched candidate. Now, with November 8th quickly approaching, Tinder put the top two competitors on the dating chopping block.



Presenting users with political concerns, Rock The Vote and Tinder threw Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in to the mix, aiming to match users with either candidate based on issues that they swipe left or right on. The results are now in and according to a Complex press release, 57 percent of U.S. Tinder swipers matched with Clinton based on their poll responses and only 43 percent matched with Donald Trump.

The Tinder polling also found that nearly 53 percent of participants said that they plan on voting for Clinton, while 43 percent said their vote will go to Trump.


Who you swiping left or right on Super Tuesday?




written by: Julian B.

It’s almost here – Election day is Tuesday, November 8th. There are a lot of important issues at stake that affect our families & communities. We are voting for our next President and other high profile candidates as well as issues that will impact your everyday life. Polls are open in LA County from 7am until 8pm on Election Day. You can find your polling place at www.LAVote.net. Make Your Mark on Election day Tuesday, November 8th Get out there and vote!

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