Chance the Rapper is Starring in an Upcoming Film

Chance the Rapper is Starring in an Upcoming Film

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jason Meritt


Chance the Rapper has had one “magnificent” year. He dropped one of the best albums of the year and he’s touring all over the world. Another accomplishment to add to his list is starring in his first film this past summer.

Chano secretly shot a movie in Chicago over the summer that will be released through A24.  Slice is about an outlaw in an unknown city who finds himself being framed for a series of murders targeting pizza delivery guys.  At first, the movie was projected to be a short film, but Austin Vesely, the director of Slice, decided “there was a lot of stuff in the short script I thought could be expanded.” 

Slice is set to be released late in the 2017 year.  We’re anxious to see how Chance’s first acting gig will set the tone for his future acting career.



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