Lupe Fiasco Fires Back at Kid Cudi

Lupe Fiasco Fires Back at Kid Cudi

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The beef between Drake and Kid Cudi just got a little bit hotter since Cudi’s tweet to Drake today.  Lupe Fiasco didn’t have anything positive to say about Cudder’s Twitter post.

Lupe Fiasco took it to Twitter to say how he really felt.  He posted sometime after Kid Cudi saying “what part of ‘rehab’ is calling people p***ies and asking for fades?! Rehab is checking your own problems not this sh*t.”  The rapper had no problem making his own opinion about the Drake and Cudi beef.

Kid Cudi and Fiasco have had an odd relationship for a while now. Last year, the Man on the Moon criticized Lupe for selling personalized verses for fans online.  On “Sway in the Morning” last year in January, Fiasco called out Cudi saying “let’s settle this… talk to me before I f**k you up.”

Kid Cudi has not responded to Fiasco’s tweet and Cudi has taken down his Twitter post to Drake.

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