Prop 64 Would Legalize The Use of Recreational Mary Jane

Prop 64 Would Legalize The Use of Recreational Mary Jane

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The push for the legalization of marijuana is on the voting ballot in at least nine states this November.

With California’s Prop 64 being the most watched proposition in the country, a ‘Yes’ on 64 could switch up the country’s Mary Jane game completely. Four other states have already legalized recreational pot and California could be the only state that could actually put pressure on Congress and the federal government to revisit the federal ban on marijuana.

The last time this initiative was on a ballot was back in 2010, when many California voters shot down the idea completely. But this year, pot advocates are trying to regulate and tax the popular plant come this November 8th.

Of course, there’s a lot of talk behind this controversial proposition, because a Prop 64 passing means it would allow adults 21 and over to grow up to six pot plants at home, possess up to an ounce of the herb and use it recreationally. It would also allow states and some cities the ability to regulate and tax the growing and sale of non-medical marijuana. Some opponents to the prop also say that passing the initiative would lead to an increase in marijuana smoking, causing more cases of cancer, heart attacks, and many other health issues.

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written by: Julian B.

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