Mariah Carey and Fiancé James Packer Break Up

Mariah Carey and Fiancé James Packer Break Up

Looks like there’s trouble in paradise. Mariah Carey and fiancé, James Packer, call it quits. But the question is… who dumped whom? Inside sources have different stories to tell. Is it because of her sort of rendezvous with one of the dancers in her Vegas show or is it because he “has not been present for her” and was “mentally unstable”?

A person very close to the couple says that apparently, the two have called things off a month ago, when they were on vacation, “Mariah and James had a fight in Greece and have not seen each other ever since.” That was pretty obvious when he didn’t show up for her Halloween party. But guess who did? Nick Canon, and he seemed to have a fun time with his ex-wife and their kids.

Many insiders close to James declared that Mariah’s lifestyle and spending were too “extravagant” for the modest billionaire and that he wanted his “normal life back.” He had big reservations about the fact that Mariah wanted to expose their lives to the world on her show, “Mariah’s World.” Packer has always hated her reality show and that’s why it represented a big source of conflict for them.

However, other source said that they are unsure about what to do… “They are discussing it and plan to release an official statement together about their future.”

While our hearts are pounding waiting to hear the couple’s official statement, there’s one thing we know for sure. James Packer let Mariah keep the $10m diamond engagement ring. She looks happy wearing that rock. Sweet breakups…


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