John Legend Shares Emotional Story on Vevo’s “Why I Vote” Series

John Legend Shares Emotional Story on Vevo’s “Why I Vote” Series

Grammy and Oscar award winning singer John Legend recently stopped by the Cruz Morning show to sing a few lullabies to Cruz’s son to be, and shared a few stories of his family, but now the “Love Me Now” singer is getting even more personal about why he’s voting this election year.

Joining the likes of Vic Mensa and other celebrities who have vocalized the importance of voting, on Vevo’s “Why I Vote” video series, Legend speaks on his position of the U.S. mass incarceration policies.

In the 5-minute clip, John Legend opens the video with an incredibly emotional and touching story about his mother’s struggle with drug abuse and her past experience with the country’s criminal justice system.

Being extremely prominent, whether it be on social media or working with his Free America campaign, Legend has consistently used his platform and voice to bring light to, and advocate for, issues that many Americans face today; like his mother Phyllis’ battle with depression, drug abuse, and being placed in jail for what John, and many others think should be considered as a health concern.

The singer shares his experience with Vevo saying:

So many of the people who are in our criminal justice system are people like what my mother was – people that are going through a hard time in life and have turned to drugs for one reason or another.


Watch John Legend’s “Why I Vote” video below:



written by: Julian B.

It’s almost here – Election day is Tuesday, November 8th. There are a lot of important issues at stake that affect our families & communities. We are voting for our next President and other high profile candidates as well as issues that will impact your everyday life. Polls are open in LA County from 7am until 8pm on Election Day. You can find your polling place at www.LAVote.net. Make Your Mark on Election day Tuesday, November 8th Get out there and vote!

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