Jamie Foxx Adding A Celebrity to “All-Star Weekend”

Jamie Foxx Adding A Celebrity to “All-Star Weekend”

Jamie Foxx is not holding back with all the stars in his new flick coming out, “All-Star Weekend”. While leaving Drake’s 30th birthday bash, celebrated at Delilah in L.A., Jamie Foxx disclosed another celeb added onto the cast for the upcoming film just before he dipped out, French Montana rolled up! Foxx announced, “that’s my favorite emcee right there…got this movie coming, All-Star Weekend. He in it.”


Other celebrities making a cameo alongside French are Floyd Mayweather and The Game. And there has been talks of LeBron and Steph Curry appearing in the movie.


Foxx didn’t want to reveal too much stating, “The movie’s called All-Star Weekend … We have some epic cameos in it,” the actor said. “I don’t wanna give it all away, but we got some epic cameos. And we’re all playing different characters.”


We’ll just have to stay tuned to see the rest of the epic cast.


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