Legalizing Marijuana-Prop 64

Legalizing Marijuana-Prop 64

Gain some knowledge on Prop 64 below and make sure you vote this upcoming election!!


What would it do?

Prop. 64 would allow people 21 and older to grow up to six pot plants at home, possess up to an ounce of marijuana and use it for recreational purposes. It would allow the state, as well as cities and counties, to regulate and tax the growing and sale of non-medical marijuana.

What would it cost the government?

It all depends on how state and local governments choose to regulate and tax marijuana, whether the federal government enforces federal marijuana laws, and the price and use of marijuana. The state’s legislative analyst concluded that taxes generated could eventually reach more than $1 billion a year. Local and state governments also could save tens of millions of dollars a year in jail costs because marijuana use would no longer be a state crime.

Why is it on the ballot?

Legalization advocates are trying again after California voters shot down their last initiative to sanction marijuana in 2010. This time they’ve got an influx of cash from technology moguls and political heft from Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom.

What supporters say:

It would bring the state’s booming and unregulated recreational marijuana market under the rule of law, protecting consumers and the environment. It is a recognition that decades of prohibition and aggressive enforcement of criminal laws hasn’t worked.

What opponents say:

Marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Prop. 64 would lead to an increase in marijuana smoking, causing more cases of cancer, heart attacks, strokes and other health issues. Children will be exposed to marijuana advertising and the roads will be less safe.


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