Is The Friendship Between Kanye West And Jay-Z Over?

Is The Friendship Between Kanye West And Jay-Z Over?

We have always thought that Kanye West and Jay Z are very close. But what is really going on?
On Wednesday, October 19, during his concert in Seattle, Kanye made some diss references which seemed to be about Jay Z not being there for Kim Kardashian West, after she was robbed in Paris. He also announced his fans that there will never be a “Watch the Throne 2.”

Although the two rappers seemed like “brothers”, a source is saying that mr. Carter can’t tolerate Kanye for too long. In 2011, the two released “Watch the Throne” album, which was followed by a tour around the world. But the source declares that Jay Z accepted that just because that was going to bring them millions of dollars.
Jay Z and Kanye West most probably have different personalities, but we will never know for sure what is really going on between the two. There’s one thing we know for sure, though, and that’s that the two have made amazing music together.


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