Hillary Clinton Channels Death Row Records During Presidential Debates

Hillary Clinton Channels Death Row Records During Presidential Debates

photo credit: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

“Ain’t Nothing but a Gangsta Party”

With the official debate series finally over, the most important topic that still has been left lingering over our heads, is just how fitted Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been over the past few weeks.

There have been countless memes, articles, Bad Lip Reading videos, and such, that have all mocked the circus of the 2016 Election series and this one twitter user just won the internet for having THE BEST response to Clinton’s style.

Twitter user @Double_Cupp_Me first noticed the hilarious similarities of Clinton’s resemblance to the legendary Death Row Records line up, rappers Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, and the label’s former CEO Suge Knight. Unintentionally dressed in outfits that could very well be mistaken as being inspired by the 90’s hip hop dynasty, Hillary Clinton not only brought her ‘A’ game to each debate but she showed up looking clean AF in her pant suits.

It’s no doubt that Hillary is known for her political pant suits, so now we are wondering what will be up her sleeve for the election night!

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written by: Julian B.

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