“They Call Me Lil Kaine, Not Lil Wayne”

“They Call Me Lil Kaine, Not Lil Wayne”

photo credit: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Could we have another Joe Biden on our hands?

We all know that President Obama will go down in history as the most swagged out President ever…EVER! Obama’s chill factor has been known to rub off on his right-hand-man, current sitting Vice President Joe Biden. But what would happen if our next Vice-President is the key to continue the Obama inspired white house swag levels?

If you hadn’t heard of Tim Kaine yet, then here’s your formal introduction. Kaine holds the neighboring ticket slot, next to Hillary Clinton, as the potential Vice-President come November 8th. Like Biden, Tim Kaine is on his way to making his mark as the next “cool guy,” or “cool dad,” in the white house.

Yesterday, the Virginia Senator called in to a Charlotte radio station to discuss the road to November 8th of course, but he immediately pulled a “Mike Jones” moment for anyone who might not know his name.

Kaine jokingly introduced himself by saying:

They call me Lil Kaine, not Lil Wayne.

In reference to an earlier Lil Wayne name drop made by the radio host, Kaine made the hilarious introduction with impeccable timing. In the interview, Tim Kaine went on to also mention that some of the artists he is listening to at the moment include: The Isley Brothers, Gnarls Barkely, and Sly & The Family Stone.

Well, we are definitely surprised. Check out the interview HERE.


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written by: Julian B.

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