These Donald Trump Pumpkins Have Us Screaming!

These Donald Trump Pumpkins Have Us Screaming!

photo credit: Getty Images/Tom Pennington

These Trump Pumpkins will most definitely turn up the terror this Halloween!

Yes, we hate this year’s election, but what is scarier than this year’s “You Decide” election? All of the frightening “Trumpkins” that are starting to pop up all over Instagram.

Thanks to the never disappointing internet, we can add a little more Trump humor to our days with these new carved jack-o’-lanterns. Taking Halloween and pumpkin carving to the ultimate level, the orange-faced Trumpkins will make you think twice come Halloween night.

Check out a few of these extremely clever Trumpkins below:


Halloween is coming, so it’s time for a new pumpkin design… Beware the #Trumpkin !

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Trumpkin #happyhalloween #trump #trumpkin #trumptoupet #stoptrump

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Ooh, almost forgot to mention, we saw Donald Trump! #dumptrump #countyfair #farmlife #canfieldfair #trumpkin

A photo posted by Katie Major (@katgrace) on


Are You Ready? Election Day is Nov. 8th! #MakeYourMark and register to vote today at www.lavote.net @lacountyrrcc




written by: Julian B.

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