Cash Money Signs New Artist Trev Rich

Cash Money Signs New Artist Trev Rich

Birdman was on the hunt for the next biggest thing when it came to music and we think he may have found him in Denver Colorado.

Trev Rich has become the newest member of the Cash Money Family and the first to sign to a major label coming out of the 303.

The major label CEO Birdman met Rich in Miami and allowed him to play two songs. Two songs led to another and another and Birdman couldn’t get enough of his music he asked for a whole CD of Rich’s music.

In an interview with HipHipDX, Rich told writers that he was constantly in and out of the studio for about two weeks before a contract was introduced in New York at the Universal Music Group headquarters.  

When the contract was in hand Rich said, “I met everybody, and they treated us like family from the beginning. They presented the contracts that day, that day was when we got our lawyers on, and it probably took about two or three weeks after that time to get the whole deal complete.”

As soon as the deal was finalized Rich flew back to his hometown to celebrate but didn’t stay long before flying back out to Miami to start the grind as a new Cash Money artist.

Long time friend DJ Squizzy Taylor was one of the first people who found out that Rich had finally sealed the deal. Out of excitement and still a little bit of shock Taylor says Manager CoolRay was the one who placed the call and said, “It’s a go. We finally did it.’ It was crazy.” He explains Rich’s reactions as, “He was screaming in the background excited.”

In the interview with HipHopDX Rich made a comment saying; 

“Honestly just for upcoming Hip Hop artists to have a major behind you is big,” he says. “It’s something that in my generation, maybe prior to that we’ve never seen before. For [Birdman] to vouch and for him to put his stamp or the Cash Money stamp on Denver, is huge. Back in the city, I’m pretty sure it’s still a big deal and I’m not even there. So it’s like for somebody of his power to take a liking and take the time and effort to say, this is what we about to do for Trev, this is what we about to do for Denver, I feel like that’s not only a win for me and my team, that’s a win for the whole city.”

From a young age, and growing up as a 90s kid, Trev has had the dream of signing to Cash Money.

Taylor, Trev’s long time friend, takes total credit for introducing the new signee to the label back in the day. He said;

“It was probably in the fifth grade. I used to love Cash Money. I loved Lil Wayne, The Hot Boy$, all that. I used to listen to that, I wasn’t supposed to but my mom didn’t even know. But I’m listening to that and I’m going to school. That’s probably when we had walkmans or CD players or something and I’m telling Trev like, ‘Man you got to listen to this.’ He would always give me credit because I would always say, ‘Lil Wayne’s the best rapper ever’ just ’cause I felt like it because he was small and I was small, like that’s the guy. So the fact that in my eyes, he really became that, it’s crazy. And Trev is part of that, historical. Cash Money can arguably be one of the best labels ever, with everything they’ve done. So to know that my brother is a part of that, it’s crazy, it’s a blessing.”

We know that Cash money never makes a mistake when it comes to adding new talent to their label. We look forward to hearing more from Trev Rich.

Check out some of his music down below and listen to the #LiftOff Monday – Friday from 7p-12a & Follow @J_Credible x @DjSourmilk on Twitter!​​

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