Billy Bush Will Be Fired From ‘Today Show’ After Trump Scandal

Billy Bush Will Be Fired From ‘Today Show’ After Trump Scandal

The infamous recorded conversation between Billy Bush and Donald Trump leaked last Friday, just before the last presidential debates.   The audio revealed Trump stating that he has the ability to grope women without their consent due to the fact that he is a celebrity.  He also talked about trying to aggressively pursue married women despite their disinterest.  Everyone was astonished by these sexist remarks that the republican candidate said and wondered why Billy Bush did not try to stop the conversation. 

When Trump was confronted about his comments during the debates he dismissed the situation and labeled it “locker room talk”.  He expressed that he understood that what he said was wrong but felt that it was not that serious since it was just words.  However, NBC did not share Trump’s indifference for his comments.

We found out that NBC had suspended Billy Bush on Sunday and now he is reportedly being fired from The Today Show for condoning Trump’s remarks and not ending the conversation as soon as it became disrespectful.  Billy Bush has issued an apology for the conversation expressing how embarrassed and ashamed he was for his actions.  Interesting that Trump has not faced any serious consequences for his actions.

Take a look at the infamous video of the conversation below.

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