“A Bad Lip Reading” NAILS First Presidential Debate With Hilarious Video

“A Bad Lip Reading” NAILS First Presidential Debate With Hilarious Video

“I Don’t want no big fat, ugly baby. I want a baby on fleek!” – Trump

There has no doubt been a lot of “he say/she say” this election season, and with two debates down already, if you don’t have your favorite candidate selected, this video will definitely help you make the difficult decision of Trump v. Clinton.

The good people over at “A Bad Lip Reading” blessed us with none other than their take on the first Presidential Debate, with front runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The viral video comes at a time where the circus of this election has reached new highs, or lows, with the second debate a few nights ago, MORE Donald Trump foolery surfacing, and even MORE desperate voters painstakingly surrendering to Hillary Clinton.

In the 6-minute clip, Bad Lip Reading puts a lot more than just words in the mouths of Trump and Clinton, who go head-to-head in a games night theme debate with segments including “Five Favorites,” ‘Time To Act!” and “I Can Do This!” Just like last month’s first debate, this bad lip reading video has some hilarious quotes that actually make the candidates seem just a tad bit more bearable.

When asked how he likes to eat chicken during the “Five Favorites” segment, Trump responds, “Raw.” And while Clinton flexed vocals throughout the entire video, it was her “Time To Act!” segment that stole the debate night.

Checkout the hilarious video below:

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written by: Julian B.

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