The Second Presidential Debate Was The Pettiest Debate…EVER!

The Second Presidential Debate Was The Pettiest Debate…EVER!

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State Secretaries and Business Moguls (aka our leading presidential nominees) can be petty too right?

Well, last night’s second presidential debate proved that it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone has an inner Big Sean (i.e. IDFWU). Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the infamous Donald Trump had their latest showdown at what is being called one of the pettiest debates in history.

Sunday night proved to be another shocking, controversial, and even downright exhausting presidential debate that had us all cringing at the new lows of petty being reached on a national level. Before some of the petty highlights, it has to be noted that over the past weekend, an audio recording from 2005 surfaced, which features Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump making extremely lewd comments geared towards women, which Trump has now referred to as “locker room talk,” at last night’s debate.

So, naturally with yet another controversy on his heels, the Donald came out swinging Sunday night, starting with the petty jabs well before the actual debate ensued, by holding an interview with a group of women who had accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault way back when.

Here are just a few of the night’s petty moments:

When Clinton said, “It’s good that someone with the temperment like Trump is not in charge of the law,” and Trump responds, “Because you’d be in jail.”

When Trump refers to himself as a Gentleman:


The final presidential debate is scheduled for October 19th but you can check out more petty behavior HERE.


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written by: Julian B.

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