Taylor Gang Signs Label Deal With Atlantic Records

Taylor Gang Signs Label Deal With Atlantic Records

It seems like hard work pays off for Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang. After five years of working independently, Taylor Gang Entertainment signs label deal with Atlantic Records.

Co-founder of the independent label, Will Dzombak, celebrates expanding their business and is very excited to “move into the new year and focus on growth.” The enthusiasm is also shared by the Atlantic Chairman/CEO, Julie Greenwald, who is thrilled to take the crew to the next level. She believes that Wiz Khalifa is a very talented artist and entrepreneur and that he managed to build “a powerhouse hip-hop brand with a phenomenal fan following.”

Wiz Khalifa, who has been an Atlantic Records artist for six years, Juicy J and Ty Dolla $ign are part of the Taylor Gang, but this label deal seems very promising for the rest of the members, who are not established artists in the industry. Wiz feels very close to his Gang and is eager to take it to the next level… “I’m very excited about the deal with the gang. These guys are my friends and family. Now we’re gonna take this shit to the next level.”

For now, Taylor Gang is working on their forthcoming mixtape, Taylor Gang, Volume  1. Make sure to listen to the #LiftOff every night from 7p-12a & Follow @J_Credible x @DjSourmilk on Twitter!

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