Miguel Goes Off on Club Owner Forcing Him to Sing

Miguel Goes Off on Club Owner Forcing Him to Sing


Miguel made an appearance at the night club Side Bar on Wednesday night, but it didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

Miguel and the club owner wrote up an agreement stating Miguel would make an appearance at the club, but would not perform.  While Miguel was at the club, the club owner reportedly shoved a microphone and pushed him to sing a song.  Reasonably, Miguel got upset and started to call out the owner. 

The owner told the publication that Miguel and him made a verbal agreement for Miguel to sing one song at the club.  On Side Bar’s Instagram about Miguel’s appearance, it never stated he would be performing at the club and would only be appearing to raise money for breast cancer awareness.  Whether Miguel verbally agreed to the song or not is a mystery to all except Miguel and the owner.

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