Vic Mensa Talks Police Brutality In Vevo’s “Why I Vote” Series

Vic Mensa Talks Police Brutality In Vevo’s “Why I Vote” Series

Chicago rapper Vic Mensa is extremely “woke.”

Last week, the 22-year old Roc Nation signee took part in the new Vevo mini-series “Why I Vote,’ which highlights key issues shaping the 2016 Presidential Election. Vic Mensa recently shared his stance on the issues happening in the streets of Chicago, police brutality, and why your vote in the upcoming election holds more power than you may believe.

In the opening of the four-minute clip, Mensa announces, “Affecting change in the hood is why I vote,” as the rapper details that all of his earliest memories with police officers have been violent and unfavorable. The ’16 Shots’ rapper also explains the chilling details behind the death of his personal mutual friend, 17-year old Laquan McDonald. At the hands of the police, Mensa describes how video footage from the murder existed, but was withheld by Chicago State’s Attorney and later released by court order; resulting in Mensa leading a massive protest in downtown Chicago.

In video footage of the peaceful march, Vic Mensa intensely stares in to a camera declaring:

I just got hands put on me by police. We want justice for Laquan. We want justice for our people.

The rapper continues to take a stand against the judicial system that he desires to believe by further stating, “I do want to have politicians in place that we can have a dialogue with that has to do with improving our quality of life.”

Checkout the video below:

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written by: Julian B.

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