Hillary Clinton Makes Hilarious Appearance on ‘Between Two Ferns’

Hillary Clinton Makes Hilarious Appearance on ‘Between Two Ferns’

We are officially in the final stretch of one of the most important and historical elections this country will see. Gearing up to say our last farewells to current sitting President Barack Obama, and now fighting to select our new commander-in-chief, amid controversial opinion and fact, the first ever female presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, took some time to get a little less serious.

The former Secretary of State recently sat down with our favorite ‘Hangover’ funnyman, Zach Galiianakis, for a hilarious ‘Funny or Die’ presented interview on ‘Between Two Ferns.’ The Galifianakis hosted, comedic-mock show is a regular series that usually puts some of our favorite celebrities, artists, and activists in a definite hot seat. 

Similar to a comedy central roast (but way less cringe-wrothy), Zach Galifianakis uses his deadpan humor to grill his guests and doesn’t always take it easy on them. Hillary Clinton is no exception.

In the interview, which now has over 12 million views on the Funny or Die’s Youtube page, Zach Galifianakis asks Clinton, “As secretary, how many words per minute could you type? And how does President Obama like his coffee?” Clinton then responds, “You know Zach those are really out of date questions. You need to get out more.”

The almost 6-minute clip is a constant back and forth for Galifianakis grilling Hillary and Hillary doing the same. Although the highlight of the interview was Zach’s last punchline that touched on Clinton’s not so little controversy with online communication (hint: deleted emails).

Checkout the video below and make sure you are ready to vote on November 8th, 2016!</iframe


written by: Julian B.

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