Iggy Azalea Delays “Digital Distortion”

Iggy Azalea Delays “Digital Distortion”

Iggy Azalea’s second studio album, “Digital Distortion”, was intended for release this year. The Australian rapper delayed its release date to January 2017 and she explains the reasons why she decided to do so.


Not too long ago, the artist went through a breakup with ex-fiancé L.A. Laker Nick Young, after he was involved in a cheating scandal. Nick Young’s ex-girlfriend came out to be pregnant with their second child.


Iggy explains that she needed some time after she “woke up in the morning and her fiancé was having a baby with someone else”. She said that she had her personal life falling apart and that she didn’t want to promote her album and getting asked about her relationship, instead of her music. 


Besides that, her entire perspective has changed since their split. The rapper claims that now she wants to have sexy songs and “say stuff about being single”.


Iggy has definitely got her fans very excited for this upcoming album. Now let’s wait and see what the artist has prepared for us!


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