Yung Joc Broadcasts His Hilarious Lawsuit On TV

Yung Joc Broadcasts His Hilarious Lawsuit On TV

Hip-hop has been flooding with public rapper beef, lawsuits, and diss tracks lately but Yung Joc has taken airing your dirty laundry to a new level.  The southern rapper has had some issues with his former manager for a while and to find a conclusion for their problems he decided to sue him on television.  

Joc made an appearance on The Judge Faith Jenkins Show suing his booking manager, Polo Hammond, for a grand total of $6,000.  The total represents the sum of the money he was owed for the withholding of a performance fee and defamation of character.  Hammond also countersued Joc for $1,000.

The two former partners go back and forth throughout the episode about why they deserve the money.  Joc claimed that Hammond went behind his back and hired a look alike rapper to stand in his place for a performance.  He says that he didn’t even know about that appearance and therefore received no money for the gig.  Hammond retorts saying that the Atlanta rapper lost a game of Spades and never paid him the money he was owed as well.  The entire situation was hilarious to say the least! 

Check out some videos of the episode below.

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