Birdman Is Being Forced To Show Financial Records In Lil Wayne Case

Birdman Is Being Forced To Show Financial Records In Lil Wayne Case

In the Lil Wayne and Birdman case, it seems like the court is starting to sway in the direction of Lil Wayne. It has been reported, in the most recent development of the case, that the judge is forcing Birdman to account for millions of dollars that Lil Wayne says he has never seen.

Lil Wayne is trying to find out how Birdman spent 70 million dollars that him and Birdman were planning to split, out of a 100 million dollar advance from Universal. It has been reported by TMZ, “Birdman’s lawyers say they’ve already forked over more than 20,000 pages of docs to Wayne’s legal team.” 

Lil Wayne’s attorneys have stated that the financial records that Birdman has already provided have not helpful, and they are asking for full record of the money that was spent. Apparently, Birdman’s record-keepers at Cash Money weren’t keeping records for 2 years.

Birdman’s lawyer responded by saying, “It is what it is.” The judge in the case is now giving Birdman 30 days to find the records, and deliever them to Lil Wayne.

It sounds like the case between Birdman and Lil Wayne is getting closer to a resolution soon.

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