[WATCH] Chance The Rapper Raps About iPhones In Joey Purp’s “Girls @” Video

[WATCH] Chance The Rapper Raps About iPhones In Joey Purp’s “Girls @” Video

The Savemoney rappers come together for “Girls @” Joey Purp’s chill new single. Purp brought on another Savemoney rapper,Chance the Rapper, to ride around in his playful “Girls @” video. The Chicago rappers drive around a stylish lot with some ladies in the ride.

In the track, Purp mentions his homies from Savemoney while he is talking about a girl and says, “She SoCal, she NoHo/ She know Smoke, she know Towk/ She know Chance, she know Vic.” But, the highlight of the video is when Chance raps about iPhones, “Charger and your number, can you put your shit in my phone? Damn, my phone died – can you put it in my man’s phone?/ Damn, his car died too – can you drive my mans home?” Now that you know what Chance says, you have to see the way he delievers his rhymes in the video, like some OG Pharrell. 

The track “Girls @” was released in May on Joey Purp’s “iiiDrops” mixtape which includes Vic Mensa among some of the features. The mixtape also features some Savemoney members.

WATCH The “Girls @” video HERE:

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