Juicy J releases “#MustBeNice” and own Cannabis strain

Juicy J releases “#MustBeNice” and own Cannabis strain

Juicy J released his latest mixtape, “#MustBeNice” and we love it! The 17-track mixtape is supposed to prepare us for his next album, “Rubba Band Business”, which will be released by Columbia Records and Kemosabe. “MustBeNice” is featuring several artists, including Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane, and Jeremih.


On this new mixtape, Juicy J is apparently “feeling like Obama”, while smoking presidential kush. Is it possible that he is referring to his Cannabis strain? Yes, you heard that right! The rapper decided to celebrate the release of “#MustBeNice” by launching his own marijuana strain, that he has been working on for years. “Crown Genetics”, as the strain is called, is now is available in some very select dispensaries across the country.


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