YG Invites Fans on Stage to Hit a Donald Trump Piñata

YG Invites Fans on Stage to Hit a Donald Trump Piñata


YG invited some of his fans on stage Sunday, but not to dance.  His fans were invited to hit and destroy a Donald Trump piñata.

After destroying the piñata, YG then proceeded to throw the piñata into the crowd and yell “F*ck Donald Trump.”  YG hasn’t kept his hate for Donald Trump a secret in 2016.  Earlier this year, YG released his song called “FTD (F*ck Donald Trump)” and later released part 2 with G-Eazy and Macklemore which really shows how much displeasure he has for the presidential candidate. 

YG has even had some political trouble before he dropped his album Still Brazy.  Secret Service has actually contacted him about the controversial Trump song.  The Secret Service asked to see the lyrics on the album before it was dropped to see if he was talking about Trump and if he was, they were going to try and take his albums off the shelves.  Fortunately, Still Brazy made it to the shelves and it hasnt stopped YG from speaking his mind about Trump.

With the 2016 elections just around the corner, we are eager to see what YG has next up his sleeve.

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