Fan Makes Kanye West Tear Up at Miami Concert

Fan Makes Kanye West Tear Up at Miami Concert


Kanye West made a fan’s life at his concert this Sunday in Miami.  Mr. West wore a shirt in honor of his late mother Donda West.  The concert was amazing as usual.  One of the concert goers had a tattoo of the cover art of one of his most infamous songs “Runaway.”  This made Mr. West very emotional. 

He says to the fan “This one goes out specifically in loving memory of and the ‘Runaway’ tattoo you literally brought tears to my eyes.”  He shouts into the audience asking what this fans name is.  The entire audience shouts “Crystal.”  

This loyal fan looks up to Yeezy on his elevated stage basically in tears due to excitement and awe. 

He proceeds to sing “Runaway” and sticks Krystal’s name into the song.  The crowd goes wild as Kanye is literally singing one of his songs to this beloved fan.  

Check out the clips from Krystal herself below. 



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