Nelly Needs You to Stream “Hot In Herre” For A Good Reason

Nelly Needs You to Stream “Hot In Herre” For A Good Reason


Recently,  Nelly has gotten himself into financial trouble and owes the federal government a huge chunk of money.  He was hit with a whopping $2,412,283 federal tax lien last month and, also, owes Mississippi Department of Revenue $149,511.  The amount is so large his property and assets are in danger of being seized.

Since his anouncement of being in debt, people have started a new hashtag #SaveNelly to bring notice to Nelly’s money troubles.  Another movement has started in order to help Nelly out with his debts by people streaming “Hot In Herre” on Spotify as many times as they can.  “Hot In Herre” would need to be streamed between 287,176,547 and 402,880,500 in order to help Nelly’s debts be paid off.​

This is a long stretch, but people are trying to stream the song as much as possible.  Nelly is currently working with the government to figure out the issue. 

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