Apple Keynote For New Products

Apple Keynote For New Products

For all the Apple lovers out there you already know what the month of September brings!

The announcement was made on Apple.com that they will be having their yearly keynote on September 7th at 10 a.m. 

While there are so many products that apple produces, the most speculated product for the past couple months has been the new iPhone. 

While we all know the trend of Apple to continue to go up in number when it comes to the iPhone, so it has been guessed that this will be the iPhone 7, but we never know with apple. Just last year they released the iPhone SE and 6S in march which is unlike apple to release a product in a month other than September. 

Up until the announcement of the upcoming keynote, there have been diehard fans reporting updates that they think will be on the new iPhone like the following. 

  • Bluetooth headphones 
  • Waterproof body
  • More storage 
  • Dule cameras 
  • More colors 

Whatever it is we can expect apple to deliver the next greatest product this year. The real fans know that the software always come out before the actual products but it is said that the iPhone will be available either September 16th or the 23rd. 

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