The Experience Guide to Childish Gambino’s Pharos Concert

The Experience Guide to Childish Gambino’s Pharos Concert


Childish Gambino’s Pharos was held this Labor Day weekend in Joshua Tree, CA.  It consisted of 6 concerts, 2 concerts per day, over the span of 3 days with other experiences that included a screening of an episode from Gambino’s upcoming show Atlanta.

Before the concert, security asked all concert attendees to put their mobile devices in pouches that locked for the duration of the concert.  Basically, you weren’t allowed to use your phone to take pictures, videos, or recordings of any kind of the concert experience.  Gambino performed each show in a dome shaped complex that featured a 360 degree view of virtual stars falling from the ceiling to the floor when you walked in.  The stage was set up with mountains and a glowing pyramid while the audience patiently waited for Gambino’s performance.  Once the concert started, the background musicians and singers walked onto stage wearing tribal-like apparel.  Then, Gambino walked out through the center of the stage wearing pink and yellow tribal shorts and body paint on his chest and face with long blonde braided hair.

During the concert, the dome consisted of virtual graphics made by Microsoft that synced with each of Gambino’s 12 song set list.  His music consisted more of a funky and groovy feel rather than his usual hard-hitting rap.  Not only did Gambino show how he can sing as well as rap, he showed off a ton of his unreal dance moves for his audience. 

From beginning to end, Gambino took you on an unforgettable space journey that was one for the books.

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