YO! MTV Raps Might Be Returning To MTV!?

YO! MTV Raps Might Be Returning To MTV!?

The legendary hip-hop music television show, YO! MTV Raps, is supposedly coming back to MTV soon!  YO! MTV Raps has premiered hip-hop music from 1988-1995 and even inspired BET to create Rap City.  The show has featured so many veteran hip-hop artists such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Fresh Prince, Run-DMC, and more.


Sources say that Viacom might be bringing this genius show back for another season.  They have already brought back a few other throwback shows including Beavis & Butt-head so it’s likely that they will bring YO! MTV Raps back to the air as well.  There is no word yet on who the new host will be or when the first episode will air but hopefully we will be able to see it back on our TV soon!

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