[LISTEN] Andre 3000’s Verse On Frank Ocean’s “Blond”

[LISTEN] Andre 3000’s Verse On Frank Ocean’s “Blond”

Frank Ocean fans were busy this weekend listening to all of Ocean’s new music that just released on Apple Music. Of course fans were pleased to hear Andre 3000 making a return on this album after their previous collab on the track “Pink Matter.” While we are still digesting the album, the stand out verse so far is by Andre 3000 on “Solo Reprise,”and fans are so happy to hear him. People on Twitter are saying that this could be the most fire verse of 2016. On the verse, Andre mentions ghostwriting and many are saying that he is taking a stab at Drake, when he says:

 “I am no rookie but feel like a kid / Lookin’ at the other kids / With astonishment while I’m on punishment, watchin’ the summer come close to an end / After 20 years in / I’m so naive I was under the impression that everyone wrote they own verses / It’s comin’ back different and yeah, that shit hurts me / I’m hummin’ and whistlin’ to those not deserving / I’m stumbled and lived every word, was I working just way too hard?

Here are some reactions from fans on Twitter


What do you think of the verse?

Listen to Andre 3000’s verse right here:

Hopefully, Andre 3000 decides to release a solo album soon? We wouldn’t mind…

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