Hillary Clinton is Really Looking Forward to Momma J Cruz’s Salsa

Hillary Clinton is Really Looking Forward to Momma J Cruz’s Salsa

This morning, The Cruz Show got a hold of Secretary Hillary Clinton for an interview.  J Cruz started the conversation off with clarifying he has no relation to Ted Cruz.  “I’m Mexican, he’s Cuban!” he said.  Later we discover Clinton’s weakness to tacos.  She stated that she ordinarily likes red salsa, but only because it’s hard to find good green salsa in New York.  Cruz provided a solution by offering his mom’s salsa.  “I hope you’re serious about this J Cruz! A little bottle of your mom’s salsa will be welcomed!” the Secretary said.  In regards to her Republican opponent Donald Trump, Clinton mentioned that she did a speech in San Diego, discussing all the “crazy, dangerous things he has said” and how he is a threat to our economy and country.  However, when answering a question about his hair, Clinton said she’s the last person to criticize hair.  She can offer some good shows on Netflix though, as she is an avid Netflix watcher outside of the presidential campaign.  Now that it is possible that this country might have its first female president, Hillary thinks that Bill Clinton may be called “The First Dude” or “The First Mate” as well as Cruz’s suggestion, “The First Gentleman.”  




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