Bernie Sanders Confirmed Why All the Ladies Love Him

Bernie Sanders Confirmed Why All the Ladies Love Him

The Cruz Show spoke with Democrat candidate, Bernie Sanders, about various issues.  The one quesiton J Cruz wanted the answer to was, “How do you have all the hottest women in the game right now?”  Sanders simply answered, “I’m a sexy guy!”  Besides Rosario Dawson, Katy Perry, and Zoe Kravitz, Bernie gets a lot of love from his supporters.  According to the senator, the “Feel the Bern” slogan was not created by his campaign.  It developed organically, completely through the grassroots.  When asked if he would make recently-retired Lakers player, Kobe Bryant, his Vice President, Bernie thought it was an interesting idea, but suggested Steph Curry.  His thoughts on who has the best hair in the election were very honest. “If you ask who has the best bald spot, that’s me!”  However, he did provide some words on Republican nominee Donald Trump’s success.  In regards to his own platform, he believes in ending the current deportation policy.  After this interview, Senator Bernie Sanders became a proclaimed J Cruz fan.  “J Cruz, YES.  Ted Cruz, NO.”



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