Roshon Reveals Ambitions On Starting His Own Record Label

Roshon Reveals Ambitions On Starting His Own Record Label

Widely known for his Disney Channel successess including Skake It Up and Camp Rock, singer/songwriter Roshon announces the establishment of his own record label, ELEVATE. With motivation to have true songwriters, singers, and pure creators stem from the new venture, Roshon believes this new start-up will allow artists to display their true talents without having to deal with major record label restraints. Creativity should always be in the hands of the creator and in this case, the artist.

Aside from Roshon’s latest single “So Bad”, he has recruited his first set of new artists on ELEVATE who are Alexiis and Jaxon. Alexiis has her new single “Heaven” and Jaxon has his new single “4 My”. Keep your eye out for all three artists as huge plans for ELEVATE start to emerge. Listen to all of their new singles attached and comment below letting me know which track is your favorite!

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