Kanye West’s ‘808s & Heartbreak’ Came Out 7 Years Ago Today

Kanye West’s ‘808s & Heartbreak’ Came Out 7 Years Ago Today

Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak came out 7 years ago today! This was the fourth studio album by Ye and consisted of 11 tracks. If you count in the hidden track titled “Pinocchio Story” it is 12 tracks. The album also brought a total of 4 singles! These included “Love Lockdown”, “Heartless”, “Amazing”, and “Paranoid”. Not only did Ye sing on all of the tracks, but he also co-produced every single one of them too.

Remember when he performed the whole 808s & Heartbreak album at the Hollywood Bowl not too long ago? That was amazing. I know Kanye is a man of many talents, but he sure does know how to put on a good show. Celebrate the album anniversary by checking out a couple of throwback tracks from it that are attached and comment below letting me know of your favorite track is off the album!


7 years ago Kanye West released 808s & Heartbreak What is your favorite track off the album?

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Kanye West – Heartless (Via KanyeWestVEVO) here:

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Kanye West – Love Lockdown (Via KanyeWestVEVO) here:

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