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J Cruz@JCruz106

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J.Cruz + Justin Credible

J Cruz & Justin Credible started off early with the dream of being on air at Power 106. J. and Justin grew up together attending high school in the Valley. After they met, they knew there was something to build together in music.  Why???

Cruz always had a knack for making people laugh and really found his voice hosting all of the school functions while Justin started DJing at local parties around town.  The duo focused on perfecting their craft as on air talents, it began in California, took off in Las Vegas and then came full circle back in Los Angeles.

Their show, the  #LIFTOFF, can be heard every night from 7p- mid and these two still act and sound as if they were still in that 3rd period science class clowning around and getting in trouble. Tune in and feel their vibe every night, you definitely will feel the energy and as they like to say, “Welcome to the party!”