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6 Tallest Rappers In The Game

Who is the tallest? Find out below:

6) The Game: 

Height: 6’4

6 Hit Songs from Game:

“Hate It Or Love It”

“How We Do”

“My Life”

“Dope Boys”

“Let’s Ride”



5) Snoop Dogg: 

Height: 6’4

6 Hit Songs from Snoop:

“Ain’t No Fun”

“Drop It Like It’s Hot”

“Gin and Juice”

“Who Am I”

“Doggy Dogg World”

“Murder Was the Case”

4) Wiz Khalifa: 

Height: 6’4

6 Hit Songs from Wiz:

“See You Again”

“Work Hard, Play Hard”

“Roll Up”

“Black and Yellow”

“On My Level”

“No Sleep”

3) 2 Chainz: 

Height: 6’5

6 Hit Songs from Two:

“I’m Different”

“Birthday Song”

“No Lie”

“I Luv Dem Strippers”

“Used 2”

“Watch Out”

2) G-Eazy:

Height: 6'5

6 Hit Songs from Eazy:

"I Mean It"

"Let's Get Lost"

"Lady Killers"

"Lotta That"


"Tumblr Girls"

1) Slim Thug: 

Height: 6’6

6 Hit Songs from Slim:

“I Run”


“3 Kings”

“Like a Boss”

“I Ain’t Heard of That”


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