Someone please leave a comment & tell me what Shaq is doing in this video ... I know you're gonna have some funny & creative answers. Can't wait to read them.
So the verdict is in...MWP is suspended for 7 games. That takes him outta the 1st round of the playoffs. What do you think?? Too much? Too little? COMMENT BELOW (easy to do, you can even sign in with Facebook)
Metta World Peace explained the accidental elbow & said sorry to the Thunder & James Harden. So what do you think?? Was it intentional? Should he be suspended? Comment please (we may read on air)
So allegedly the Secret Service Agent in question only wanted to pay her $28 for $800 in services & that's where the drama began. So what do you think, was he being a d*%k? Was she over charging? Would you pay $800 to hook up with her?? Let us know.... to read more C LICK...
Someone broke wind on the Miami Heat bench & Shaq wants to know who it was....
Can the Raiders, Cowboys & Chargers make it back to the playoffs? Can the 49ers dominate again? Check out thier 2012 schedules... RAIDERS CHARGERS COWBOYS 49ERS
Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez got caught off guard then they were put on the kiss-cam at the Laker game....
Bynum, Sessions & Barnes talk to Jeff G after thier win against the Mavs
Lamar Odom was at the Dallas airport yesterday showing his loyalty & rockin' a Black Mamba Lakers Championship t-shirt. What do you think...will Lamar come back to the Lakers??