After the crazy run of Problem's "Like What," we finally get some new music from him. On "Andale," he teams up with Cali Christmas performer Lil Jon . Hmmm I wonder what Lil Jon has up his sleeve for The Forum on December 5th! Listen Below.. [Via RapRadar ]
After Eminem's "Detroit vs. Everybody," dropped I was almost positive that we were going to hear from another city. But I had no idea it would be OUR city! Sure enough Uncle Snoop took "Los Angeles vs. Everybody" into his own hands. Earlier he took to Instagram to let fans know...
A$AP Ferg has been kinda quiet lately. But today not only do we get a new record, we get a whole NEW mixtape titled Ferg Forever . Take a listen to "Perfume" below, and let us know what you think! [Via Complex ]
Is Lorde trying to hard to be cool? Is she trying to get that Hip Hop money? I don't think anyone could have done a better job than Jeremih on this track. Maybe Tinashe? What do you think? Is this cool or crap?
Does Lil Wayne ever have an Off Day? He is always dropping new music! His new track sounds like the old Lil Wayne I fell in love with. Real grimey & gangster. Do you think Lil Wayne will ever fall off? Is there anyone better than Wayne? Drake? Eminem?
Is Kendrick Lamar trying to get a choke hold on Hollywood? Does his appearance on SNL make him thirsty for the fame? or is he just cashing checks? Should he be in the studio making music or should he be making movies? Regardless, Kendrick is making moves! What do you think?
King Los is a BEAST! King Los is in the studio with legendary Hip Hop producer Alchemist! His punch lines are amazing. Do you think that the slow beat allows him a little more time to think? Why do his friends in the background already know the punch lines? Did he spit these...
My husband Pharrell , excuse me, Coach Pharrell performed on The Voice last night. And he KILLED IT! He performed his latest single "Hunter." I wouldnt mind getting some singing lessons from him. Take a look at his performance below in case you missed The Voice . [Via...
New York native Lion Babe , teams up with Childish Gambino to give us "Jump Hi." The two apparently have an EP coming out together which is due out soon. Let us know what you think about Lion Babe and comment below. [Via HipHopDX ]