Beyonce Channels Her Inner Lil’ Kim

Beyonce Channels Her Inner Lil’ Kim

It’s always fun to check out our favorite celebrity’s costumes each Halloween season and even though the holiday has passed, Beyonce is still giving us something to talk about. Queen Bey posted a slideshow on her website today paying homage to another queen. These five images consisted of Beyonce dressed as the iconic female rapper Lil’ Kim.  Beyonce titled the slideshow “Halloween 2017: Lil Kim Appreciation” with the byline reading, “Hip Hop would not be the same without our original Queen B.”


It wasn’t long until Lil’ Kim saw the photos and showed her appreciation and tweeted Beyonce’s outfits.

Beyonce even had her husband Jay Z join in on the fun and Lil’ Kim seemed to have approved his Biggie impersonation…

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