Watch: Lupe Fiasco's Candid & UnCut Interview w/Rikki Martinez

Posted By: RikkiMaa · 7/3/2014 10:21:00 AM

This has got to be one of the most important interviews of my career thus far. For many reasons.

1 - I'm a big fan of Lupe Fiasco

2- He was NOT in a good mood coming into the station which is basically sudden death for a good interview (and as you will see in the first few minutes, things were definitely heading that way)

and 3 - because I wouldn't let the negativity in the room ruin the great conversation we ended up having.

I have to kick this off with saying how much I appreciate artists, especially those of the caliber in creativity as Lupe. I understand that their art is priceless and their time is so valuable. That's why I personally, have made it my mission to make every sit down worth it on both ends. I've interviewed Lupe quite enough times that I feel he knows I come with good intetnions so I didn't take his shortness with me to the heart but I also wasn't going to let him leave me with that kind of an interview and more than anything, I want to thank Lupe for the conversation we had. I even got teary-eyed during the sit down... something that's NEVER happened to me. 

I've grown because of this chat and really hope it stuck in Lupe's mind as well, for I really don't want him to think all interviewers are the same or that he should leave music as he mentions in the conversation.

So... here it is.

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