Meet the man suffering from Kardashianophobia

Posted By: RikkiMaa · 4/17/2014 8:17:00 AM

If you thought you were sick of the Kardashians, you have NOTHING on Mike Arness, a british retail assistant who claims to suffer from Kardashianophobia, the real fear of anything Kardashian-related.

If Mike happens to come across Kardashians on tv/mags (which it'd be impossible not to), he REALLY starts exhibiting signs of psychological panic such as sweaty hands, nasuea and difficulty breathing. 

It even cost dude his relationship. His partner loved the Kardashians, so obviously, they were doomed.

So where did this condition come from? Kim K's sextape!

Mike saw the tape as a kid, while he was in the closet and trying to force himself to like women, but instead got disgusted and traumatized from the whole ordeal. His fear grew as Kim's fame did and now it's gotten to the point where he vomits at the sight of her.

"One day, I was lazing about on the sofa in front of the TV. I was skipping through music channels and [Bound 2] came on. Seeing Kim naked, with her boobs bouncing about like that brought back memories of that horrendous sex tape. It was like reliving that incident all over again. Before I knew it, I was sweating like a pig and throwing up. When I hear 'Bound 2' on the radio now, I have to switch the station immediately."

What a crazy story... do you believe it? I have my doubts but hey, if it's on the internet it has to be true right? lol

And if you feel like reading more about this serious phobia... HERE YOU GO

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