[Video]: Mac Miller's Nightmare Performance

Posted By: RikkiMaa https://twitter.com/rikkimaa · 8/12/2013 7:57:00 AM

Thoughts and well wishes go Mac Millers way after this incident last night. What could definitely be a sign of "yo I need to chill the fxck out" has us both worried and proud of our guy Mac. 

Here's why:

While performing in Phoenix, Mac was both raging and going through a visibly painful time. Vomiting and later collapsing on stage... crew rushed over to check on'm but Mac jumped up and kept on with the show. Like a soldier! 

Watch it:

Now as fans of Mac, I'm sure the crowd would've understood him stopping the show but you'd be surprised at how many JUST DON'T CARE. I've seen how entitled fans can get with their favorite artists, pushing them to the very brink and then some. Excuse me venting here, but I saw a tweet saying Mac better not have stopped his show like a "little b***h"... YO! this dude obviously needs rest! Why tug on him to do as you want and please?

Anyway, I wanted to show ya'll the vid. Applause to Mac Miller on a very successful tour... and again, thoughts and well wishes to dude. 

And for more inside on Mac's album "Watching Movies With The Sound Off" watch my interview with him below:


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