Rikki's Top Moments With Neyo!! #HappyBdayNeyo

Posted By: RikkiMaa https://twitter.com/rikkimaa · 10/18/2013 7:27:00 AM

IT'S NEYO'S BDAY!! And to celebrate, I just had to put together my top neyo tracks/vids for ya'll and why they mean so much to me personally...




#3: CLOSER -- this song makes me feel soooo good, no matter what, if it plays, I'M DANCING! :D I especially enjoy the guitar in this beat, my dad plays the acoustic guitar so any song that incorporates it immediately has my attention. LOVE!


#2: DO YOU - gunna get real personal with ya'll right now, I recently broke up with my dude, and I actually broke down listening to this song, it's one of the sweetest and saddest song's I've heard... love that has moved on. Inside on this song! Neyo came into the neighborhood and shared with me that this song and "so sick" are about the same girl and he cried while writing this. 



Watch: The Battle of THE TWERKING DEAD!

Posted By: RikkiMaa https://twitter.com/rikkimaa · 10/18/2013 6:26:00 AM

So what do you get when you mix the biggest show out with the biggest dance move out? THE TWERKING DEAD!!

ohhh myyy gosh! it was only a matter of time til someone took advantage of these two trends and made a hybrid! Check out the top 3 Twerking Dead videos I found and vote below on who should take the crown for BEST TWERKING DEAD VIDEO!


start this one at 3:47 ;p 



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